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What is the GreenHydrogenTech Accelerator? 

The GreenHydrogenTech Accelerator is a multi-stakeholder business-oriented international program. It aims to identify  industrial projects between forward-thinking startups/scaleups and leading corporations by matching both the corporate and startup business objectives. 


How long is the program? 

The program is 16 weeks long.


Do I have to give equity or pay any money to the program? 

No, there is no equity or need for payment to the program to participate. The corporate partners may want to invest and agree to the terms prior to the program. 


Why should I apply? 

The GreenHydrogenTech Accelerator is a radical opportunity to push your venture forward with the help of committed Promoters that are ready to share their capabilities and experienced mentors to drive innovation. For further information, check the "Benefits" section in the Home page.


Do I need to relocate to Italy? 

No, there is no need to relocate for the entire program. We try to be as founder friendly as possible though we do require (in compliance with all Covid-19 regulations) participation for our launch and closing event, for one or more members of your team to attend any meetings/activities. 


Will you pay my travel expenses? 

No, we do not reimburse or pay for any travel expenses. 


What does it take to enter the GreenHydrogenTech Accelerator? 

This is not a traditional accelerator. Being a corporate scouting program it’s not about how good your solution is but more about how good of a fit it is with our Corporate Partners’ innovation needs. Please refer to the “Who Should Apply” section for more information. 

We do look for a great, flexible and collaborative team that is motivated and ready to work with an industrial partner. 

I can’t find the right technology trend for my startup, does that mean I should not apply? 

Not necessarily, if your company is developing breakthrough innovative solutions along the green hydrogen value chain, you should definitely apply and select the macro-trend that you feel is closest to what you do. 


What kind of companies do you accelerate?


We describe ourselves as a “later stage accelerator or scale-up program”. This means that if you are developing an innovative technology or you are already on the market and are looking to keep growing, you are definitely a great fit for this program. 

However, we are equally comfortable working with early stage companies that feel they could benefit from the collaboration with an industrial partner. 


I want to know more about the Accelerator’s Partners 

Deloitte: the Deloitte Energy Global Network can count on over 44.000 dedicated people spread across 90+ Countries. Our clients include 22 of the 24 largest Power, Utilities & Renewables companies. 

Acea: Acea is an Italian national player in the management and development of water, energy and environmental services which aims to speed up growth by investing in infrastructures, developing and diversifying the business portfolio and innovating in industrial processes, with a clear focus on results and careful attention to sustainability.


I have more questions


If you have more questions please contact us at

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